How to make a copy of an existing Composed Item

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Question: Can I copy an existing Composed Item. How do I do it?

Answer:  Currently in order to edit an existing composed item and save it as a new one with the changes applied, you will need to use an existing Quote in Draft mode.

If you don’t have one, you can create a test one, using the JGID client and leave it in Draft mode for the sake of saving future versions of already existing composed items.

So, open a quote in draft mode, then go to +Item, select the “composed item” category and import the composed item you would like to edit and save as a new version!

Once you have inserted the composed item in the Quote, proceed with saving the composed item to the inventory by clicking the 

Make sure to use a different name for this new version.

Once you have saved the new version, go to Inventory – Composed items and select the newly listed item. Work on it to apply the customizations as per your preferences.

Don’t forget to adjust the sale price of the composed item, once you have applied the changes!!!

Video tutorial: 

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