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Creating an Opportunity in JGID is the next logical step, following the filing of New Enquiry into the Data base. Now that you have been approached by a potential or an existing customer and there is active interest expressed in the services your business delivers, it is time to transform the enquiry into a fully functional data base listing which will allow you to make Quotes, create Jobs and issue Invoices, while having all these stages of the workflow synced and coordinated into JGID and at the same time back-upped into your Dropbox account. The moment an Enquiry is transformed into Opportunity, JGID creates an unique TAG number for this specific entry which is the uniform reference number for all documents (Quotes, Jobs and Invoices) created out of this Opportunity.

It is not until the creation of the Opportunity out of an existing Enquiry has been done, that the actual folders are created into Dropbox ready to host all document files associated with the particular project.

Creating an Opportunity in JGID is a very simple, yet crucial step in forwarding the business management process to the next level of your interaction with the client.

To create an Opportunity out of an Enquiry, take the following steps:

1. Switch to JGID dashboard and click on the Enquiries tab on the left side section of the screen.

2. From the list of enquiries, select the one to convert into an Opportunity.

3. Click on the Opportunity button

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