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The Intro Section into the Quote panel allows the user to customize the first page of the final document by adding content of choice such as a welcome note addressing the client, brief company description, certifications and insurances, more detailed explanation of the services and goods subject to quoting etc.

The Intro section has a powerful text editor feature embedded, a flexible tool that will give you the upper hand in creating highly detailed and professional looking layouts  to make your business’ message even more powerful.

1. To edit the Intro, tap on the respective tab onto the Quote overview dashboard:

2. To access the text editor, click on the “edit pen” icon – 

3. Use the tool bar above the blank page field to format the changes and adjustments compliant with your business strategy and company identity and click on the Save button to complete the Intro section editing.

! To preview the appearance of the Into page as per your current progress, click on the Preview quote button on the right side of the page, but make sure you have first saved the changes by clicking on the save button, otherwise the new adjustments will not be displayed


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