Progressing the Job and changing statuses

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To progress the Job through its different stages, you would need to work with the Functions section of the Command Menu, on the right side of the JGID screen.

1. After you have created the Job out of the approved quote (ref: “Creating a Job in JGID“)  you will be taken to the Job management section, with the Status indicating “Preparation”.

The Job now is a valid entry into the Job Queue into the Calendar and is available for scheduling and staff allocation, as well as for the creation of Job repetitions and Progress invoicing (for the billing of downpayments for example).

Keep in mind that as long as the job has not been lebeled completed, you can edit the items and services listed in the overview panel and make all kind of changes and adjustments.

Once you have finished editing the content of the job, such as compiling the job picklist, the JHA, the specific job description and Scope of work, or any other feature and detail relevant to the accomplishment of the job you can proceed to the next stage by pressing the “Preparation complete” button.

2. The Job is transfered to the list of the Pending jobs, meaning it is now probably scheduled and assigned to the team of workers who will implement the scope of work, but no one has started yet any work on this Job. This means that no worksheets, timesheets and DLS forms can be issued or filled.

There are two options for forwarding the Job to the next stage and changing its status to Current.

The first option is to wait for one of the assigned to the job to Clock-In for a first time, thus signaling the system that there is some activity regarding the particular job hence JGID will automatically progress the job from status pending to status current unlocking the Worksheet and DLS features.

The second option is to manually click on the Start job button in the Functions section of the right-sited Command Menu.

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