The 4 different JGID account types

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Admin – this is the highest level of access in the JGID user hierarchy. This account type has full access to all features and functions and most importantly this is the only account type than can see and modify the access and personal info details of the other users in the system e.g. passwords, base payment rates, qualifications etc. This is also the only account that can create, activate and deactivate new users in JGID. Bear in mind that the Admin can change other accounts level of access including its own, so if an Admin accidentally or on purpose changes his access to a lower level that is an irreversible action. Changing back the status to Admin would require another Admin account to step in and authorise the promotion;

Manager – this account type is very similar to the Admin account with one major difference – while the Manager can inspect and customise all JGID features such as products, prices, quotes, jobs – unlike the Admin type, it is prevented from accessing and making changes to the user section and the entries listed in it; This account type has full access to viewing and changing the prices of the different products and services in the BMS.

Supervisor – It has limited access to some of the jobs features, but not to the quotes. This account type has no access to any prices or specific terms and conditions negotiated with the customer unless otherwise arranged by either the Admins or the Managers. The supervisor has the privilege of scheduling jobs and allocating staff to the different jobs in the Calendar hence the limited access to some of the jobs’ features;

Employee – this is the lowest level of access to JGID. The members allocated to this user level category see only their personal assignments in the calendar and nothing else. They don’t have access to prices or any other details regarding the project other than what has been authorised by the Managers or the Admins.

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