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Another important aspect of the Job scheduling into the Calendar is to assign the team members. Once you allocate the staff members, they will see the job they have been assigned to into their Calendars and onto your Calendar dashboard you will have a list of all team members already allocated to the particular job.

1. To allocate staff go to the Job Queue into your Calendar and select the job of interest. Click on it and from the newly opened window, press the orange Edit button to open the Event edit panel!

The edit panel for the event/the job has additional edit features, you can adjust or alter, such as , Job description, Event Date and hour scheduling (if it is a 2,3,4 etc. hour event and not a whole day event), Event location field, Job color coding, Title name field edit option and of course Staff allocation field! 

2. To assign the team for the specific job, click on the “Workers for this job” Add button and from the drop-down menu press on the names you want to add to the staff list. Once you have clicked on the desired names, remember to confirm the selection by clicking on the Add button at the bottom of the list!!!

3. To close the Event edit panel, keeping the changes made, press the green Save button on the right side of the panel.


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