Mapping Company CRM details between JGID and XERO

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Question: Can you explain when and how JGID pushes client details to Xero and also how the two systems manage the updating of these client details once they are connected to each other?

Answer:  In regards to the details for each client please be aware, JGID sends a client to Xero once!

When a new JGID client is forwarded to Xero, JGID checks if a Client with the exact same spelling exists in Xero. If it does, they get matched. If not, a new client is created in Xero. These then stay connected via a unique ID forever.

But you can make independent changes to the client’s details in each system.

So if you then change the name in one system, or add additional information like a  phone number for example, these details stay independent in each system. This means that if you were to add contact details in Xero to this client now, when the next invoice comes from JGID, it will use the contact details from Xero.

You could even change the client names in each system and they would still stay connected. The identical spelling is only relevant when a new client is created in JGID and then sent to Xero.

Important: Please be aware, you could end up with a duplicate client in Xero because it was newly created in JGID but was already in Xero, just spelt differently.

When that happens ensure to merge the data in Xero to the new Client which came from JGID, then make name changes in Xero as required

If you merge the new client from JGID with the old one in Xero, the unique ID path can get messy.

But don’t worry! If you ever get stuck with a similar problem, our tech team can always go into the back end and get connections sorted properly for you!

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