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When previewing a Quote, the “Provided by” section is located right atop of the Quote table, that contains all item descriptions, quantities and price details.

The “Provided by” section is separated into two fileds one for what is “Provided by YOUR COMPANY” and one for what is “Provided by others” – meaning either the Client or a third party.

While the “Clause” specifies a detailed description of the particular set of prerequisites and conditions that should or should not be made available, the “Provided by” stresses on whose is the obligation to make those prerequisites available.

For example, the Clause can state that there should be functioning tap present on-site, while the Provided by specifies whoose obligation is to ensure the availability of that resource.

As with the Clauses, the Provided by entries, can be default text descriptions, automatically preloaded, when adding an item to the Quote, provided this item is already associated with the respective text description.

1. To create and edit these default “Provided by” entries go to Settings on your JGID dashboard and click on Master Matrix from the drop-down menu.

2. Go to Output and click on Automatic Quote texts. Scroll down and select one of the two categories you wish to make additions or corrections to.

3. To make a new entry, click on the plus button and type in the newly opened field the desired title of the “provided by” listing. When finished, click on Save to confirm the selection.

4. To edit a previous entry, click on the blue edit pen , next to its title. Remember to use brief description for this entry, since at this stage you specify “who provides what”. The detailed description and conditions can be submitted into the clause field, referring to any variations and provisions you find relevant to mention.

To delete an entry click on the delete icon  on the far right side of the entry line.

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