How to make a progress invoice for a deposit payment

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Here’s how you make a progress invoice for a deposit payment as well as a final invoice for the total quoted amount, less the deposit already received.

  1. Create a new consumable item with the Cost $0 and the Price $####.## as much as you want to charge your client, then save the item
  2. Hover your mouse over the new item and select the duplicate button
  3. Drag the newly duplicated item to a convenient place in the job (usually the very bottom)
  4. Edit this item and write a minus symbol infront of the number in the price field
  5. Then proceed as usual, press the progress invoice button
  6. Select the deposit item to be invoiced
  7. Press complete

You will then have your first progress invoice for this job.

When you press “Job Complete” the final invoice will have all the remaining line items on it.

Which will result in the final invoice being the total of the originally quoted amount, less the amount already invoiced previously.

Hint: If you are invoicing Do & Charge Jobs on a weekly or monthly basis, use Job repetitions instead of progress invoicing.

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